Latinx and BIPOC Youth Ages 13-25

Tell us how you're leading the way to compassion and safety for all!

Whether it’s helping keep doorknobs and counters sanitized, ordering groceries online, staying home to avoid risk, or reaching out to a struggling friend, young people have power to keep all of us safer and to show healthy ways of connecting, coping, and caring for each other. Send us a 2-minute video showing how you’re choosing compassion and safety for ALL.
Choose a question, create a short video about it, and submit for your chance to be featured in the campaign and win a $50 VISA CASH CARD!
Self-care isn’t just about bubble baths and smelly candles. It’s literally about how we take care of our mind, body, and spirit. These can be things like:
  • Getting good sleep, eating healthy, moving our body or exercising
  • Listening to music, meditating, yoga, or prayer
  • Getting outside as much as possible, spending time with pets, or creating art

Boredom isn’t just boring. It can mess with our mental health – so keeping busy and finding joy matters. It can look like:

  • Lip Syncing your favorite song on Tiktok
  • Playing video games or facetiming with friends
  • Reading, crafting, or creating art on your own
  • Cooking or baking up a storm
    Working out, dancing, or hiking

No one alive has ever been through something like this, so pretty much everyone is experiencing changes, stress, or fear in different ways. We all show support in different ways, too:

  • Listening and holding space when someone is struggling
  • Checking in with friends who need support
  • Helping your parents or siblings with chores or meals
  • Doing something kind for someone else

Keeping COVID-19 contained and slowing the spread is up to us. Seriously. Here are some ways people are staying safe and healthy:

  • Washing hands for 20 seconds and showing siblings how
  • Helping clean surfaces and doorknobs at home
  • Staying home and not going out unless you have to
  • Watching for symptoms and helping share info with family members

Being physically separated doesn’t mean we can’t stay socially connected. We need to feel connected in order to feel safe and ok. People are finding tons of ways to connect at home and online:

  • Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facetime, Messenger, Snapchat – so much video, so much time!
  • Good ol’ phone calls
    Listening to the same Spotify or Pandora station
  • Playing a game or hanging with family
  • Two words: Netflix Party
  • Texting, email, or even LETTER-WRITING…(maybe)

You Could Win A $50 Visa Cash Card

Up to 10 videos will be selected!

Are you in?

3 Steps to Enter Our Contest!

STEP 1: Choose your question!

1. How are you practicing self care?
2. How are you keeping entertained (divertido)?
3. How are you supporting others to get through this?
4. How are you helping your family stay healthy?
5. How are you staying connected?

STEP 2: Make a great video!

Tell a 2-minute story to show us how you’re staying healthy, helping someone else, supporting your family, or connecting with your people!

STEP 3: Submit Your Video!

Fill out the entry form completely – if you’re under 18, we have to have your parent’s consent to use your video if selected, so make sure we have accurate contact info!
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Compasión y Seguridad para Todos (Compassion and Safety for ALL) is a campaign started by Clark County Latino Youth Conference (CCLYC) to help Latinx families get the info they need to stay safe, healthy, and connected during COVID-19.

Young people are super important to help their families navigate through this so we want to highlight the ways youth are showing for their families, friends and each other.

We’ll choose up to 10 videos from local Latinx and BIPOC youth to share on our campaign hub (the CCLYC Facebook page) and promote across other channels as those opportunities arise. If your video is chosen and your parent gives consent (for under 18), you’ll get a $50 VISA CASH CARD.

  • Choose what question or questions you want to respond to with your video.
  • Develop an idea: Brainstorm, draw, storyboard, or anything else that helps you come up with and organize ideas!
  • Connect your ideas with the video contest questions.
  • Questions: What do you hope your audience will do, think, or feel after watching your video? Do you want others to share your story, do you want to inspire them to share their own stories?

Checklist: Ask yourself, “Does my video…”

  1. get the audience’s attention from the very beginning
  2. connect the beginning with the ending, with a strong beginning, middle and end?
  3. have dialogue? Am I speaking, narrating, and talking to others?
  4. use creativity, humor, and/or emotions?
  5. have good audio and visuals? Is it between 1-2 minutes?
  6. inspire others in my community to stay safe and healthy?

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