Leticia Lares

I had the honor to volunteer at The 5th Annual Clark County Latino Youth Conference last September. It was amazing to see by the vast amount of high school students present. You might need a bigger venue for the future conference.I walked away with the assurance and optimism that our future generation is interested and planning on pursuing higher education.Leticia Lares This is greatly important for the following reasons. First, because our future youth has the opportunity to reach higher level education. And because they will be prepared to occupy positions in the workforce in areas such as government, healthcare, education, law enforcement, and finance to name a few. This is significant because they will be the future generation that will be in positions that will affect my retirement and healthcare needs to some extent. Lastly, this state and great nation needs more diversity.
Thank you for all your hard work in recognizing the need for promoting higher education, organizing a venue for our students to access the information needed to pursue higher education, encouragement and motivation. It was a privilege to assist you with this event.

Highest Regards,
Leticia Lares
New York Life

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